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Mikhail Yurchuk is from the Khmelnytsky region. After school, the man worked at a glass factory and a furniture factory. However, at the age of 26, he decided to become a professional military man. “Since childhood, I have dreamed of becoming a military man. For me, this is about honor, duty. First, I served in a missile brigade, I was a rocket scientist, then I went to a military college for non-commissioned officers and finally went to the airborne brigade,” says Mikhail Yurchuk. When a full-scale war began, the military served in the Donbass. Then the brigade was moved to the Kharkov region. Michael was wounded there.

A separate problem is the treatment of hypertension in patients with COVID-19. The presence of a history of hypertension in patients with COVID-19 was associated with a more severe course of infection, in contrast to patients who did not have hypertension. According to modern concepts, during the COVID-19 pandemic, patients with hypertension should carefully monitor their blood pressure levels and take constantly prescribed medications. This also applies to the use of so-called blockers of the renin-angiotensin system for the treatment of patients with hypertension: angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers. A number of recent studies show that these groups of drugs not only do not increase the risk of infection with the virus, but also significantly improve the course of coronavirus disease.

Skin lesions in coronavirus infection caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus are divided into seven categories. The first category includes skin angiitis caused directly by COVID-19 infection, against which the walls of small vessels of the dermis are damaged by immune complexes circulating in the blood. Angiitis is localized on the skin of the upper and lower extremities. They look like frostbite, painful, itchy. Such manifestations usually occur in young patients with a mild course of the disease, appear in the late stages and last about 12 days. The second category includes papular-vesicular rashes, which are characterized by acute clinical manifestations in the form of chickenpox, more similar to prickly heat, occurring against a background of high fever and increased sweating.


Учитывая, что аналогичная картина имела место и в предыдущие годы, в Украине произошло накопление среди детского населения слоя восприимчивых к полиомиелиту. Кроме того, начиная с апреля 2016 г., оральная (живая) полиомиелитная вакцина (ОПВ), которая в Украине используется, начиная с 3-й прививки , не содержит полиовирус типа 2 (двухкомпонентная ОПВ, которая теперь применяется в мире, содержит только полиовирусы). тип ов1 и 3). Указанное также способствует снижению как индивидуального, так и популяционного иммунитета к полиовирусу типа 2. Следствием стала вспышка полиомиелита, вызванная вакцинородственным полиовирусом типа 2 (вирусом вакцинного происхождения, что в процессе циркуляции в низко иммунной популяции приобрел свойства нейровирулент .). На эту вспышку не было адекватного реагирования, а именно проведение дополнительных туров вакцинации детей в возрасте до 6 лет, чтобы прекратить циркуляцию вакцинородственного вируса. В январе 2022 г. возникла новая вспышка.

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