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In regions where there are no active hostilities, it is necessary to intensify the process of polio vaccination of both local and displaced children under 6 years of age with an additional dose of inactivated vaccine and continue vaccination by age in accordance with the Immunization Schedule against all infectious diseases controlled by specific means. For the prevention of poliomyelitis, preference should be given to an inactivated vaccine for all

The first and mandatory step in the treatment of hypertension is lifestyle modification (LS), which is aimed at correcting the above risk factors, primarily modifiable ones. A big problem is the choice of the most optimal treatment for hypertension, which can slow down the progression of lesions of the heart, blood vessels, kidneys, brain and eyes. The vast majority of hypertensive patients who seek medical help require combination antihypertensive therapy. At the same time, the most appropriate at the present level is the use of fixed combinations of such drugs.

5-ASA preparations have very weak immunosuppressive activity. There are no reports that these drugs are associated with an increased risk of infection, and studies evaluating the safety profile of 5-ASA do not show an increased risk of serious or opportunistic infections. Treatment with 5-ASA should be continued without concern for an increased risk of infection or severe COVID-19. If the patient is in contact with a patient with COVID-19 or develops COVID-19, treatment with 5-ASA should be continued.


Применение тиопурина ( азатиоприн и меркаптопурин ) снижает иммунный ответ на вирусы, что связано с повышенным риском оппортунистических инфекций. Существует ограниченное количество доказательств, что они повышают риск инфекций респираторной системы. Следует учесть риски и преимущества, но большинство пациентов могут продолжать прием стабильной дозы. У пациентов в стадии устойчивой ремиссии, пожилых пациентов и при наличии сопутствующей патологии рекомендуется прекратить прием тиопурина.

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